by Brian Estes Mr. Burby teaches English At the school where | must go He teaches Greek mythology And Edgar Allan Poe He says that books are doorways That lead …

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The Sauruses

Mama-saurus Likes to bore us Says we ougtha clean our rooms Nana-saurus Sings the chorus To all our favorite nursery tunes Papa-saurus Has something for us 209 total views, no views …

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by Brian Estes Most horrible beast that ever was born Part t-rex, part unicorn too If you don’t hide he’s gonna eat you Compared to him you’re small as a …

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Flyin’ and Croakin

by Brian Estes Junebug sittin’ on a log Smilin’ at the Big Bull Frog Says.“‘Mr. Frog, it sure is nice to meetcha.” Frog says,““Hate to burst your bubble But you …

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Amma’s Birthday

Its Amma’s birthday the following day is a lovely story that narrates the journey of a sweet woman called Nikini. She got here to recognize approximately her mother’s birthday coming …

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The Mouse That Was

The mouse that becomes is a story of a mouse that lived for months in a bit hole underneath a small tree. When the mouse decided to discover the world …

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Ben and Max An Unlikely Friendship

My heartfelt thanks to Jillian Shellard and Jay Schleifer for all their guidance, teaching exper- tise, and wisdom. 478 total views, no views today

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The Best Christmas Gift

Winter came and snow covered the valley home of the small fox, Bubu. All the animals hid in their houses. Bubu didn’t like the winter much, but there was one …

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Amazing max disabled kitten

It was a cold Winter morning. So cold all the little kitties in the animal rescue center were cuddled up together fast asleep. All except for one small kitten who …

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Around the world with a chilli

The sun had just dipped behind the coconut, mango and chiku trees that ring Appu’s house. The sky was still tinged with pink. The kitchen garden where the family grew …

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