by Brian Estes Mama says it’s raining cats and dogs I don’t see any Mama says a penny For your thoughts I got no penny Mama says my head is …

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by Mercy Johnson, I asked for him, a male I asked for first A sign of his father’s strength, of power and promise I got what I asked for and …

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by Mercy Johnson My beautiful brown skin princess I remember the first time you kicked in me It will be the moment I cherish forever You are the best version …

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Lili Had a Little Lamb

by Mercy Johnson Lili had a small lamb, Its swindle was white as snow; And everywhere that Mary went, The lamb was sure to go. He follows, her to school …

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Three small birds in a row

by Mercy Johnson Three small birds in a row Sat musing. A man exceed near that place. Then did the small birds nudge each and every other. They said, “He …

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Land of Giants

Brian Estes – artist, author, I live in the Land of Giants. They tower over me. They always tell me what to do, ‘Cause I’m so small, you see. Every …

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Food Chain

Brian Estes – artist, author, My mouse ate my ant farm. Who knew one mouse? Could do such harm? My gerbil ate My mouse. Who let that Vicious beast In …

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Brian Estes – artist, author Don’t talk back, Or your knees’ll crack, And creak every time you try to walk. Don’t swear, Or you’ll lose your hair, And the stuff …

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Crocoturbuduckaphant Advice

Brian Estes – artist, author   To find a bearded crocoturbuduckaphant, You best be on your toes, And know the things a Crecoturbuduckaphant hunter Ought to know, Open your eyes …

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Mercy Johnson – artist, author,   Oscar the ogre from Saratoga, He tried to be nasty and mean. He sat on a stump, And growled and grumped. He tried to …

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