The Crane and The Snake

The Crane and The Snake In a forest close to the river bank mere lived a crane with his wife. They were very unhappy. Every time the wife laid eggs …

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Elephant and Friends

Elephant and Friends One day an elephant wandered into a forest in search of friends. He saw a monkey on a tree. “Will you be my friend?” asked the elephant. …

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Self-Help is the Best Help

Once, a rich merchant left his city to go to another country for trade. He went aboard a large ship. He was carrying trunks full of gold coins and precious …

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No pains, No gains

Once, Robin was playing in the garden. He saw that the berry plant in the garden was bearing fruits. He kept playing but was soon attracted towards the berries. The …

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The Jealous Moon

The night sky was decorated with the moon and stars. On the earth, the people slept soundly while some sat up and admired the Moon. The Moon proudly announced, “Look, …

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A Lesson

Pittar was an obedient boy. His parents loved him. But Pittar had one bad habit. He used to eat a lot of sweets and chocolates. His mother always told him, …

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Bell the Cat

There was once a grocery shop. Plenty of mice lived in that grocery shop. There used to be lots of meals for them. They ate the whole lot and spoilt …

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The King at the Village

One day, having learned that the King was looking in the neighborhood forest, the villagers decided to invite him and his courtiers to their village. They killed several sheep in …

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The Shepherd and the Wolf

Once, a shepherd left his goat to roam free in his residence and went away. The goat loved the freedom. He explored the entire house. He went into the kitchen …

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Sweet Truth

It was the lion’s birthday. All the birds and animals went with gifts for the king‘s den. At the den, all the arrangements had been made. The king had invited …

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