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Brian Estes - artist, author

Don’t talk back,
Or your knees’ll crack,
And creak every time you try to walk.

Don’t swear,
Or you’ll lose your hair,
And the stuff that’s left’ll go white as chalk.

Don’t holler,
Or you’ll grow smaller,
All hunched over in your too-big clothes.
Do what you’re told,
Or you’ll grow old,
And your beard’ll grow down to your toes.

Folks said,“ Youngin,
Don’t stick out your tongue ‘n’
Don’t run
Don’t fidget
Don’t wiggle about!”
But I didn’t hear,
And now it’s clear.
You can see for y’self
How I turned out.

But if you mind,
My words
You’ll find
That this ol’ man
Is wise indeed.
Do what you like,
Long as you’re kind,

(And please Don’t b’lieve Everything You read).

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