"Every third of May is your birthday" A voice sounded from outside the room where people were gathered to celebrate

Every Third of May Birthday

by Mercy Johnson

“Every third of May is your birthday” A voice sounded from outside the room where people were gathered to celebrate Joy’s birthday. Joy is the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Parker, she is loved by everybody in the environment, and it is not surprising that almost the whole neighborhood came to Mr. and Mrs. Parker’s house to celebrate their daughter’s 10th birthday.

Gifts and cards started rolling in from well-wishers who came to wish the little beautiful girl a happy birthday. Joy was still sleeping in her room; she doesn’t like being disturbed when she is asleep so her parents decided to let her wake up by herself on this particular day.

“Where is the celebrant” one of the neighbors asked “Still in her room sleeping” Mrs. Parker replied “We are all here to celebrate with her, please wake her up and bring her outside” the neighbor requested “Actually” Mr. Parker started “she doesn’t like being disturbed, she sleeps at her own time and wakes at her willing time,” he said Just then the inner door opened and Joy was seen coming out of her room with a heavy eye.

“She is awake” one of the neighbors yelled they all looked towards the room direction and everybody shouted “happy birthday” Mrs. Parker walked to Joy who was yawning and looking at the guest standing, wondering why they have a lot of visitors in their house this early morning. She had forgotten today is her birthday.

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