My Mother is a Hero

Children books, by Mercy Johnson


One day, a boy named Jon, came home from school with his clothes stained with mud and his body with bruises. He knew his mother would be in the kitchen preparing lunch, so he tiptoed to his bedroom. He did not want to tell his mother what happened in school, because he had been threatened not to say a word.

But Jon’s mother had seen him from the kitchen window and wondered why he did not come in to say hi. So she left what she was doing and went to her son’s room.

“Jon!” She screamed when she saw him. “My son, who did this to you?”

Jon told her what happened in school. It happened that there was a boy named Chuck in Jon’s grade, who was bigger than most of the kids. So he bullied everyone, but he took particular interest in Jon. Every day he took Jon’s lunch and left him hungry.

Today, Jon decided to stand up for himself, but it was a bad decision. Chuck was bigger and knew how to make Jon feel bad. He pushed Jon and he fell with his face in the mud.

“Next time, you will do as I say,” Chuck had told Jon, before walking away, leaving Jon in the mud.

“How long has this been happening?” Jon’s mom asked.

“Since this grade,” Jon replied.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Jon’s mom was angry, but she already thought of a solution to the problem. All she wanted, was peace for her son, so he could be the best of himself.

She asked Jon to show Chuck to her. So they went to Chuck’s house. He looked surprised to see them, but he did not look afraid. Instead, he was smiling.

“What would it take for you to leave my son alone?” Jon’s mom asked.

“10 dollars!” Chuck replied.

It was bad, but Jon’s mom gave Chuck the money anyway. She hoped he would stop bullying her son, but she was wrong.

After two days, Chuck began to bully Jon again. Every time he did, Jon’s mom would give him 10 dollars. Because he was a bully, he did not stop and kept asking for more.

Sometimes he wanted food, other times he wanted a new game. Jon’s mom did not like what was happening and she decided to put an end to it, once and for all. She went up to her safe, where she kept a gun away from Jon. She took the gun and went to Chuck’s house.

At Chuck’s house, his mother opened the door.

“Where is your son?” Jon’s mom asked.

“Chuck!” His mother called.

When Chuck came to the door and saw Jon’s mom, he smiled, because he thought he would get more favors. But he was surprised when Jon’s mom pulled out a gun and pointed at him.

“I have tried to resolve this peacefully, but every time you request for new things. You want to be bullied, then I am going to do that to you so that you can feel what others feel when you bully them.”

“Please ma’am. I am sorry.” Chuck became afraid.

“If you ever bully my son again, I am going to use this on you. I promise you. Don’t ever hurt my son again.”

Jon watched his mom stand up to the bully and he felt proud. Seeing how scared Chuck looked, he learned an important lesson: bullies were cowards.

“I will never bully Jon again. I know now how it feels to be bullied and will never do that to anyone again,” Chuck said. It looked like he wanted to pee in his pants.

“All right.” Jon’s mom dropped the gun. “I would never hurt a child. I just wanted you to be scared, so you would feel how Jon feels every time you bully him. I am glad you have learned your lessons.”

Jon and his mom went home and he was proud of his mom.

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