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My Puppy

Brian Estes - artist, author

My puppy is so fluffy.
My puppy is so fat.
My puppy ate my homework,
And chased the neighbor’s cat.
He got into the garbage can,
As puppies often do.
He got some mud,
On Mama’s rug,
And chewed up Daddy’s shoe.
His tail is wiggle-waggly.
His eye is big and blue.
His fur is pink,
With purple stripes.
His horns are curly-cue.
I doubt that he’s a terrier.
I’m sure he ain’t no hound.
Can’t find him at the pet store.
Can’t find him at the pound.
The night I found my puppy,
He was underneath my bed.
He tried to pull me under there.
I pulled him out instead.

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