children's books


by Mercy Johnson,

I asked for him, a male I asked for first
A sign of his father’s strength, of power and promise
I got what I asked for and so much more
My Son, my Son, my Son

Bickers with his sister quarrel never-ending
Fights, I’m always settling, home always bustling
So determined he is, even in the most mundane things
My Son, my Son, my Son

Homely he is, cooking and cleaning
Running errands and grocery shopping
He knows what we need when we need it
My Son, my Son, my Son

Never a hugger, nay! Not this one!
Shows little emotion, that much I can see
Words hurt him though, locks up when he is
My Son, my Son, my Son

The Strapping lad he is now, a man to be very soon
Couldn’t have asked for another
With this, I am content
My Son, my Son, my Son

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