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Mercy Johnson - artist, author,


Oscar the ogre from Saratoga,
He tried to be nasty and mean.
He sat on a stump,
And growled and grumped.

He tried to make the children scream.
He used chainsaws to sharpen his claws.
He practiced his guttural roar.
He stomped around,

With a thunderous sound.
He tried to be rotten down to his core.
He littered his home with piles of bones.
He never ever took a bath.

His teeth were ferocious.
His breath was atrocious.
And, oh lord, he had terrible gas!
He was humongous,
And covered in fungus.

He was large and lumpy and hairy.
But in spite of his size,
He had kind eyes,
So he wasn’t especially scary.

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