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Pigs can fly

Brian Estes - artist, author

Pigs can fly across the sky,
And dragons live at the edge of things.
Bend your ear and you can hear,
The silent song the siren sings.
When the world was born the unicorn,
Was not so difficult to see,

And in the mist the will o’ wisp,
Would lead you to your destiny.

If you explore beyond the door,
And into places never seen,
Stretch your mind and you can find,
Forgotten spaces in between.
Mystic lands where wizard’s hands,
Trace the sacred runes of old.

The bubbling stew of witch’s brew,
A hidden secret never told.
Journey then to rainbow’s end,
Where you discover untold treasure.
Gaze afar upon a star.

Wish for wonder without measure.
There are those
Whose minds are closed?
Too cold for childhood fascination.
But I insist, it all exists,
The magic of imagination.

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