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by Rina


Rubby the cat tells her story about how her owner who loved and treated her like a princess traveled without her. Rubby in searching for her owner, was lost and stranded. Luckily, a strange man found her and got her a new home.

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Rubby the cat

Little sally is fond of her new cat Rubby. Sally will take Rubby wherever she goes except school. Often, Sally’s friend comes around to play with them. The kids and the cat will play hide-and-seek, fetch the ball, and watch TV. Sally’s parents love Rubby because she makes their daughter happy and responsible. Rubby has an amazing blue eye, and she can talk too. This makes her unique to other cats.

One night after dinner, Rubby the kitty cat and little Sally gets ready for bed. Rubby always tells Sally bedtime stories every night before they sleep.

Children's Books

“Hey Rubby, am ready for today’s story,” little Sally said excitedly as both jump on the bed.
“Alright Sally”

Children's Books

“I am going to tell you my story and how I got here,” Rubby said. I once live in a big mansion with my owner Mrs. Doris. She gives me everything I want, food, milk, and a big room for myself. I was treated and loved like a princess.

One morning, I woke up and noticed that my milk plate was empty. Mrs. Doris hardly forgets to fill my milk plate every morning. I wondered what went wrong.

Children's Books

I quickly went to the kitchen but found no one then I searched the whole house but did not see anyone.
“Could it have been Mrs. Doris left without me? I wondered, “Maybe she had gone to the mall to get some groceries.”
I took a bottle of milk left on the table, poured it on my plate and drank while I wait for her to return.

Children's Books

After eating, I went to the sitting room to watch my favorite TV show

“Kitty rescue.” Mrs. Doris and I enjoy watching my favorite TV show. Later that evening, Mrs. Doris was not still back. I got worried and wondered where she must have gone to because she never stays out late. Just then, I remembered a few days back when she said that we would be going to Texas today.

Children's Books

I rushed to her room only to find out her bags were not there. I became confused and very sad.
Oh, my God! Could it have been she traveled, leaving me behind?
I left the house with the hope of finding her but, got lost, and could not find my way back home.

Children's Books

I sat under a tree crying with all hope lost. Lost and hungry, I noticed a shadow approaching me.

Children's Books

I looked up and saw a huge tall man. At first I was scared and tried to run, but he held me up, touched my fur and said “Hello little kitty what is your name?

“I am Rubby,” I said still scared

“I’m Mr. Smith” he replied,

“Why are you out here looking sad and all alone,” He asked.

“My owner mistakenly left me and traveled to Texas”

I replied. “I came out here in search of her but, Instead, I’m lost and can’t find my way back home,” I added.

Children's Books

“That’s very sad, I know you’re sad and hungry but do not worry, I will take you to a nice home,” he said with smiles on his face.
“I’m from kitty rescue,” Mr. Smith added.
“Oh really, that’s my favorite TV show,” I said excited and feeling much safe.“You guys rock!”
“Oh that’s great Rubby, I’m glad you’ve heard about us.” He said.

Children's Books

“You’re my hero Mr. Smith!” I said happily. Mr. Smith then smiles at me as he carried me gently and walked down the streets.
“That was how we finally got here,” Rubby said. “That’s so sad Rubby, but don’t worry, I will always treat you like my princess” little Sally said with a smile on her face.
“Thank you, Sally, I’m already feeling like a princess” Rubby replied happily.

Children's Books

Both hugged each other, then Sally gave Rubby a kiss on the head and said “goodnight my princess”. They lived happily ever after.


————THE END————

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