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Santa and the Poor Daughters

A Lovely Tale for Christmastime Santa and the bad daughters

Mercy Johnson - artist, author,

Baron Derby shire was a kindly nobleman whose life was extraordinarily hard. His beloved wife had died of a sickness leaving him and his three daughters in utter despair.

After dropping all his cash in useless and terrible inventions the household had to pass from their fortress in Yorkshire, England, into a peasant’s cottage, where the daughters did their very own cooking, sewing and cleaning. When it came time for the daughters to marry, Baron Derbyshire grew to become even more depressed as his daughters could no longer marry except dowries, money, and property given to the new husband’s family.

One night after the daughters had washed their apparel they hung their stockings over the fireplace to dry. That night Saint Nicholas, expressive the despondency of the father, stopped by using the nobleman’s hovel. Looking in at the window Saint Nicholas saw that the family had already long past to bed. He additionally observed the daughter’s stockings. Saint Nicholas was profoundly moved and he took three small baggage of gold from his pouch and threw them one by using one down the chimney whereupon they landed in the stockings.

The next morning when the daughters woke up they located their stockings contained ample gold for them to get married. Baron Derby shire was once capable to see his three daughters marry, and he lived a lengthy and comfortable life.

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