The King at the Village

One day, having learned that the King was looking in the neighborhood forest, the villagers decided to invite him and his courtiers to their village. They killed several sheep in …

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The Shepherd and the Wolf

Once, a shepherd left his goat to roam free in his residence and went away. The goat loved the freedom. He explored the entire house. He went into the kitchen …

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Sweet Truth

It was the lion’s birthday. All the birds and animals went with gifts for the king‘s den. At the den, all the arrangements had been made. The king had invited …

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The Two Friends and The Bear

Two friends, Jon and Zee were travelling together in a dense forest, when a bear suddenly met them on their path. Zee climbed up quickly into a tree and hid …

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The Magical Pot

One day a man and his wife were digging the land to sow grains. As they dug deep, their shovel hit something they found a very large copper pot under …

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Two Frogs in the Milk

Once, there were two frogs. One frog was fat and the other was skinny. One day, while searching for food, they fell into a pot of milk. They could not …

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by Brian Estes Mr. Burby teaches English At the school where | must go He teaches Greek mythology And Edgar Allan Poe He says that books are doorways That lead …

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by Brian Estes Most horrible beast that ever was born Part t-rex, part unicorn too If you don’t hide he’s gonna eat you Compared to him you’re small as a …

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Flyin’ and Croakin

by Brian Estes Junebug sittin’ on a log Smilin’ at the Big Bull Frog Says.“‘Mr. Frog, it sure is nice to meetcha.” Frog says,““Hate to burst your bubble But you …

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The Animal Meeting

The lion king was busy appointing various animals at different posts. The cheetah had been selected as the army commander because he was quick to think and the fastest runner. …

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