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The Blind Men and the Elephant

by James Baldwin

The Blind Men and also the Elephant may be a parable from India that has been tailored by several religions and revealed in varied stories for adults and youngsters. It’s a couple of cluster of blind men WHO decide to learn what AN elephant is, every touching a distinct half, and disagreeing on their findings. Their collective knowledge results in the reality.


There was once six blind men United Nations agency stood by the road-side on a daily basis, and begged from those who passed. That they had usually detected of elephants, however that they had ne’er seen one; for, being blind, however might they?

It thus happened one morning that AN elephant was driven down the road wherever they stood. after they were told that the good beast was before them, they asked the driving force to let him stop so they may see him.

Of course they may not see him with their eyes; however they thought that by touching him they may learn simply what quite animal he was.

The first one happened to place his hand on the elephant’s aspect. “Well, well!” “he aforesaid, “now I do be aware of all regarding this beast.  He’s specifically kind of a wall.”
The second felt solely of the elephant’s tusk. “My brother,” he said, “you area unit mistaken. He’s not in any respect sort of a wall. He’s spherical and swish and sharp. He’s a lot of sort of a spear than the rest.”

The third happened to require hold of the elephant’s trunk. “Both of you’re wrong,” he said. “Anybody United Nations agency is aware of something will see that this elephant is sort of a snake.”

The fourth reached out his arms, and grasped one in every of the elephant’s legs. “Oh, however blind you are!” he aforesaid. “It is extremely plain to ME that he’s spherical and tall sort of a tree.”

The fifth was a awfully tall man, and he chanced to require hold of the elephant’s ear. “The blindest man needs to grasp that this beast isn’t like several of the items that you just name,” he said. “He is precisely sort of a large fan.”

The sixth was terribly blind so, and it absolutely was a while before he might realize the elephant in any respect. Ultimately he appropriated the animal’s tail. “O foolish fellows!” he cried. “You sure enough have lost your senses. This elephant isn’t sort of a wall, or a spear, or a snake, or a tree; neither is he sort of a fan. However any man with a par-ti-cle of sense will see that he’s specifically sort of a rope.”

Then the elephant rapt on, and therefore the six blind men Sat by the margin all day, and quarreled concerning him. Every believed that he knew simply however the animal looked; and every known as the others exhausting names as a result of the failed to believe him. Those who have eyes generally act as unwisely.

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