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The Jealous Moon

The night sky was decorated with the moon and stars. On the earth, the people slept soundly while some sat up and admired the Moon. The Moon proudly announced,

Look, all the people on the earth are admiring me.”

“The Moon is swollen with pride,” whispered a little star 66 to another star. “It is alright if the Moon is proud but it cannot defeat the Sun,” replied the other star.

The Moon was very upset to hear this. He kept thinking of how he will defeat the Sun. Finally, the Moon struck upon an idea. In the morning, he went to meet the Sun.

When the Sun saw the Moon, he said, “I have come to tell you that from now on I will be working with during the day.”

“But Moon, daytime is my time. You do your duty during the night. You need to rest during the day so that you can stay awake all night,” said the Sun.

“I want to compete with you,” challenged the Moon. “The stars say that you are better than me. I want to prove to them that it is not true!” “But how will we find that out?” asked the Sun. “I will stay here with you. We will then see who is liked more by people-you or me?

This way we will know who is greater,” replied the Moon. The Sun laughed and said, “Listen Moon, my glow is stronger than yours. People will not be able to see you at all when I shine in the sky.

“But the Moon was not willing to listen to the Sun. The Moon stayed in the sky during daytime, and as the Sun had warned, nobody greeted him. Everyone greeted the Sun. By the time it was evening, the Moon was disappointed.

Moral: Don’t be jealous of others.

kids story

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