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The Legend of Poinsettia

The Legend of Poinsettia: A Children’s Xmas Story from Mexico 

 Mercy Johnson - artist, author,

Dr. Joel Poinsett, who was the first ambassador to Mexico, introduced the brilliant purple star-shaped flower to the USA. Hence, it was once named as Poinsettia. It is also recognized as “Flame Leaf” or “Flower of the Holy Night”.

The legend associated with this delightful Christmas flower is Mexican too. However, it needs to be remembered there are two variations of the story. In one version, the two small youngsters of the story are regarded as Maria and her little brother Pablo; while in another version, two cousins are mentioned with the aid of the names of Pepita and Pedro. 

Will and Guy assume that whatever their names, this story needs re-telling.

There was once a brother-sister pair who have been very poor. They lived in a small village and had barely adequate to devour two full foods a day. As the Christmas time approaches, festivities, parades, and parties in the village concerned the children. The gaiety of the season in itself was once wonderful. Moreover, a massive manger scene was once being set up in the village church and all the adolescents were eager to go to Baby Jesus and provide him their fantastic present.

Mario and Pablo additionally wanted to give to the Holy Child. While all youth had been discussing what they concept was once first-rate for the infant and what they would buy as the present for Him, Mario and Pablo knew that they had no cash at all to buy any current and had nothing that they could give as a present to the child. two

They were decided to go to church and see the boy child. So, on Christmas Eve, Maria and Pablo set out for the village church a little before than the others to attend the service.

Since they had nothing to supply to the child, they thought of picking some weeds that had been developing alongside the roadside to make a smooth bed for Baby Jesus and to beautify his crib. While they were nevertheless decorating the crib of the Baby, different teenagers arrived. Now, young people can be very merciless when it comes to teasing and making exciting of others; Mario and Pablo have been nearly in tears for disgrace and helplessness when a miracle occurred.

Suddenly, the weeds burst into bright red petals that looked like stars and have been so stunning that each person was awestruck with their beauty. Everybody realized and stated that a gift of love is dearer to Jesus than the most highly-priced provides that money may want to buy.

Ever because that day, Poinsettia plants have grown to be favorites for Christmas decorations.

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