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The Patient Cat

by Laura E. Richards

The Patient Cat was printed in Ms. Richards’ assortment of morality tales and poems, The Pig Brother and different Fables and Stories (1881). Is it forever informed wait? Temporal order is everything during this feline morality tale.

HEN the noticed cat initial found the nest, there was nothing in it, for it had been barely finished. Thus she aforesaid, “I can wait!” for she was a patient cat, and therefore the summer was before her. She waited every week, and so she climbed up once more to the highest of the tree, and peeped into the nest. There lay 2 pretty blue eggs, sleek and shining.

The noticed cat aforesaid, “Eggs is also smart, however young birds ar higher. i will be able to wait.” thus she waited; and whereas she was waiting, she caught mice and rats, and washed herself and slept, and did all that a noticed cat ought to do to pass the time away.

When another week had passed, she climbed the tree once more and peeped into the [58] nest. Now there have been 5 eggs. However the noticed cat aforesaid once more, “Eggs is also smart, However young birds ar higher. I will be able to wait a touch longer!”

So she waited a touch longer and so went up once more to seem. Ah! There have been 5 small birds, with huge eyes and long necks, and yellow beaks wide open. Then the noticed cat Sabbatum down on the branch, and defeated her nose and purred, for she was terribly happy. “It is price whereas to be patient!” she aforesaid.

But once she looked once more at the young birds, to check that one she ought to take initial, she saw that they were terribly skinny,—oh, very, terribly skinny they were! The noticed cat had ne’er seen something thus skinny in her life.

“Now,” she aforesaid to herself, “if I were to attend solely a couple of days longer, they’d grow fat. skinny birds is also smart, however fat birds ar far better. i will be able to wait!”

So she waited; and she or he watched the father-bird transfer worms all day long to the nest, and said, “Aha! They need to be finished fast! They’ll shortly be as fast as I want them to be. Aha! What an honest factor it’s to twiddling my thumbs.”

At last, sooner or later she thought, “Surely, currently they need to be fat enough! i will be able to not wait another day. Aha! However smart they’ll be!”

So she climbed up the tree, licking her chops all the method and thinking of the fat young birds. And once she reached the highest and looked into the nest, it had been empty!!

Then the noticed cat Sabbatum down on the branch and spoke therefore, “Well, of all the horrid, mean, ungrateful creatures I ever saw, those birds ar the horridest, and therefore the meanest, and therefore the most ungrateful! Mi-a-u-ow!!!!”

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