The Shepherd and the Wolf

Once, a shepherd left his goat to roam free in his residence and went away. The goat loved the freedom. He explored the entire house.

He went into the kitchen and ate some bread and curd stored there. Then he went into the cool and shady outdoor and sat on the swing that was once hung there. He went into the bed room and comfy on the tender bed.

Then the goat ran up the stairs to the roof of the house. He favored the tender breeze blowing and the view from the pinnacle of the residence which was beautiful.

Suddenly the goat began shaking with fear. His tooth chattered. Actually he had considered a wolf standing near the gate. He could now not enter the house because the shepherd had stored the gate locked. When the goat realized that, he laughed at the wolf and forgot all fears.

The wolf stated loudly, “Dear goat, you are laughing due to the fact you are at a greater function than I. I cannot come up to consume you. It is the price of the role you are in and not your braveness that is making you fearless.”

And then the wolf went away.

Moral: Sometimes our status and not courage makes us fearless.

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