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Zebadiah Zoozle & The Terrible Twoozle

Brian Estes - artist, author

Zebadiah Zoozle,
Hunts for the terrible twoozle,
Ever since he saw it as a child,
But the twoozle is too clever,
So he never sees it ever.

Yes, the twoozle is too clever and too wild.
They say it hides in cracks,
Has spikes upon its back,
And tentacles for grasping at its prey.
Someone told me once,

That the night is when it hunts,
But others say they’ve seen it in the day.
Zebadiah searches,

All the mountain caves and perches,
And everywhere a twoozle might be found,
But Zebadiah Zoozle,

May never find chat twoozle,
‘Specially’ if he doesn’t turn around.

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